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Kneading Neck Massager™

Kneading Neck Massager™

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Experience deep relaxation and relief with our Kneading Neck Massager!

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with our Kneading Neck Massager, featuring advanced technology that mimics the massage techniques of a professional masseur. The six claws and 3D massage heads with large massage contacts cover the shoulder, neck, and trapezius muscles, providing deep relief and relaxation. With 2 modes and 2 gears, you can customize your massage experience for optimal comfort and effectiveness. The built-in hot compress enhances the massage effect, while the retractable strap and back buckle design offer versatility in usage. Powered by a long-lasting battery and equipped with overheat protection, this massager ensures a safe and comfortable experience every time. Whether you need targeted relief for your neck and shoulders or a full-body massage, our Kneading Neck Massager has you covered.


✔️Professional Massage Experience: Mimics the techniques of a professional masseur, providing deep relief for your neck, shoulders, and back.

✔️Customizable Settings: Choose from 2 modes and 2 gears to tailor your massage experience to your preferences and needs.

✔️Enhanced Massage Effect: The built-in hot compress improves the massage effect, helping you relax and relieve tension more effectively.

✔️Versatile Usage: Use the retractable strap and back buckle design for targeted massages or hands-free operation while working or relaxing.

✔️Whole Body Massage: Not limited to neck and shoulders, this massager can also be used for legs, hands, and waist massages, offering comprehensive relaxation for your entire body.

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